perjantai 12. kesäkuuta 2015

desucon, stockholm and deepness

stockholm pics:

Stockholm was pretty nice place. I've visited there when i was little but I couldn't remember anything about the city. It was beautiful though weather wasn't sunny or warm. We didn't have much time to explore the city by our own because of the guided sightseeing tour. I really want to go back there some day if I get a chance. (:

(my english can be shitty i'm sorry)

And Desucon was quite nice too, i didn't expect much and.. well yeah. But one girl came talk to me and she recognised my cosplay too and asffsd it was nice! I was super awkward ofc but oh well. I couldn't find her on Sunday which was the last day but I hope we'll see each other at some other con ^^ Yeah nothing else to say about Desucon I guess.. 

I don't have that much plans for summer though I have two weeks long summer job period at local grocery store. And I'll probably visit Helsinki and go to amusement park. And our summer cottage too. (:

I have also some schoolwork to do but it should be quite nice. I want to start soon enough because then I just left it undone and I don't want to hurry. On my birthday in August is my two cousins' confirmation day. So not anything special planned but it's good to have those lazy days too (which I will have more than enough)
I want to see my friends too :( Even if they don't want to see me muhaha I'll go and force them to spend time with me okay maybe not a good plan.. I want so say 'yes' to things more often cause I feel I'm not always that spontaneous. Let's see how that goes..

Let's all be more positive and look things differently. It's always good to remember what you have, don't spend your time thinking what's bad or what you don't have. I have to admit that it's going be a challenge for me. Sometimes I feel quite lonely and stuff but there's always people around who care about you even if it doesn't feel like it. I care about people but I don't say it often. I don't know why. It can be part of our Finnish culture. I don't say 'I love you' to my friends and family even if I should. If you're my friend and you're reading this I LOVE YOUUU there. now i don't have to say it ever again XD

It's nice to write in English sometimes idk why. I apologize those incorrect sentences and all that shit but i don't care. Have a great day and seee you soooon.

I just finished Love Live! season 2! 
Would you like to see anime related post next? I could do something like that (:

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